Block Chain

Intellect Engineers has enormous experience in developing an application with Blockchain technology. We help established companies better understand the blockchain landscape and how they can leverage the transformative power of blockchain.

Distributed Ledger

In a distributed ledger, parties can run their own node, each having a timestamped copy of the blockchain database. Every node is only privileged to data that is relevant to that party.


The Cryptography component of Blockchain enables a system to encrypt and secure data. Only users having private/public keys with enough privileges, can push/pull data to or from blockchain.

Smart Contract

Enables the autonomous execution of business contracts based on pre-defined conditions. Smart contracts allow companies to utilize executable code on a blockchain.

Advance Security

With Digitization and automation slowly setting the standard in the industry. blockchain can provide the necessary security to prevent sensitive data from being compromised by cyber attacks.

IOT & Automation

IOT sensors and robotics are gaining ground in multiple industrial processes and blockchain technology will play a critical role in supporting this shift

Transparency & Compliance

Blockchain can help iliminate the need for third party reconcilation between companies and regulators, and open doors for trustworthy and reliable joint ventures.

Insurance Tracking

Having a distributed ledger helps minimize contractual conflicts that could arise between different parties in business processes and also save millions in litigation costs.

Digitizing Documents

shifting documentation to a digital blockchain based database, allows more processes to be automated or optimized, minimizing human resource and errors and saving a lot of time.

Distributed Database

Distributed ledger technology ensures all permissioned parties involved in various processes can access all data relevant to them, without compromising on the security of sensitive information

Auditing Workflows

Blockchain makes it easy to track process workflows and verify all relevant data transactions at each stage.